I’m having the most fun EVER with my iPhone and the picture apps. It’s taken me a while to learn the basics but I’m getting there…

Thank you to all of the gorgeous models who take part in my shoots, knowingly or not xxx


3 thoughts on “iPics

  1. oh, you may just have been what throws me over the edge and changes from Blackberry to iPhone… These photos are too adorable and love that you have your camera with you all the time. And… being able to bring colour out in the black and white pic… hmm, will you give me a lesson how to do that please 🙂 Now just to decide whether to wait for the new iphone thingy or just jump in and get one this week with my upgrade that is so due. yippeee

  2. GAWD she's a cutie-patutie!!!!!!
    Isabella has the same Naartjie top – I must admit, I stood in Naartjie on the weekend and had a bloody hard time deciding what to pick!!!!
    What DID sadden me tremendously was that those delicious ballet pumps didn't come in her size!! 😦

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