Throughout our life we have labels and different titles…like hairstyles and fashion they come and go. Some sadly stay a little longer and some are short-lived.

Growing up I was ‘the middle child’, when I hit my rebellious phase I was ‘the black sheep’, ‘the problem child’. In primary school I was a ‘prefect’ and in high school I was ‘the most likely to drop out because I was pregnant’ (if only we all knew then what we know now).

As soon as I finished high school I worked for a short while and so I was ‘XXX’s employee’ and as soon as I started studying at varsity I was a ‘student’.

I’ve been the ‘fat girl’, I’ve been the ‘anorexic’. I’ve been the ‘wife’ to XXX and the ‘ex-wife’ of XXX. I’ve been a ‘divorcee’ and a ‘bride’. I’ve been a ‘slag’ and a ‘prude’, depending on who’s telling the story. I’ve been a ‘b****’ and a ‘pushover’.

I’ve been a ‘marketing assistant’ and a ‘head of promotions’. I’ve been a ‘friend’, a ‘best friend’, a ‘frenemy’ and an ‘enemy’.

At the moment I’m ‘Mark’s wife’ and I hope that title will be around for a lot more years to come. But getting home last night to a “I’m so happy to see you mommy” from my little welcome committee, which included Emma and her enthusiasm, I came to the most wonderful realization ever…I will ALWAYS be Emma’s mom


3 thoughts on “Titles come and go, but I’ll always be Emma’s mom

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