Recently the gorgeous Nicki ran a giveaway on her blog . The prize being a photo session with the very talented Cilla Bloom.

You don’t understand, you need to be green with envy. Take a look at some of Cilla’s pics.  The fact that I won is mind-boggling. The fact that I won something as awesome as this is mind-blowing. I think the only thing I’ve ever won in my life is a used pair of false teeth at the tombola stand at a school fete. If I were to list the best and worst things I’ve been given it would be as follows:

Diamond ring from Mark

Clamydia from a rather questionable ex
Big boobs from my dad’s side
Strange ears from my mom’s side

Not a great track record, to say the least. On Friday Nicki and Cilla did the draw and they mentioned via Twitter that there were three of us in the running. When I saw that I immediately figured it wouldn’t be me, so I went to make myself a cup of tea. Out of curiousity I checked Nicki’s timeline for an update and saw that ‘mommy duties’ had pulled her away for a few minutes. “Oh well” I thought “Never won anything worthwhile yet. Things aren’t going to change now.”

I carried on working and suddenly saw a Twitter mention. And the winner is….MELINDA!!!! OMG! WTF! AYKM (are you kidding me?). PMTCBT (pinch me this can’t be true!) F*** (f***).

Yes, I am the lucky winner of a photo shoot with one of the most talented photographers around. It’s lights, camera, CHEESE for the Connor family…

Thank you Nicki for the awesome giveaway. And thank you Cilla for offering up such an awesome prize


3 thoughts on “I’m a winner WENA with Nicki & Cilla

  1. Can't wait to finally meet you (and Emma & Mark) in person!

    PS: Thank you for the kind (read: absolutely, freaking awesome) words about Cilla Bloom Photography xx

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