As much as Emma chose us I had long ago decided that I would adopt a little girl. For a few reasons. I knew a little girl would make Mark’s heart all squishy squashy, opening him up to the idea of adopting again when the time comes. I also always imagined myself with a little girl. And I had seen the clothes for babies, toddlers and little girls at Naartjie…

Even now with Mark wanting a son and Emma wanting a brother she’d like to call Sister I would love a little girl all over again. Just the other day we were discussing it again and I said to Mark a little girl would be so much better. “Oh!” he said with a slightly raised eyebrow. “Have you SEEN the girls clothes at Naartjie?” I asked. “I’m sure they’re beautiful. But we can’t really plan our family around the pretty things at Naartjie.” And then he made a good point…Naartjie has awesome stuff for boys too…

The first time I bought Emma stuff from my favourite store in the whole wide world I told myself that I would keep them aside for special occasions in case they got dirty or ruined. It didn’t take me long to realize that every day with Emma is a special occasion and if she’s going to get a little grubby then she can get grubby in style…whether she’s goofing around the house, entertaining, learning, relaxing with Kitty or pulling funny faces, every moment is a Naartjie moment.

In fact, the only time Emma’s not in Naartjie is when she’s in the bath

So with my love of all things Naartjie in mind you can imagine my joy and jubilation when I received an invitation to the (re) opening of the Naartjie store in Sandton City on the 9th November. Believe you me, I am counting down the sleeps for the BIG SHOP.

Shopping at Naartjie is always fun, but for Summer it’s double the fun! This season Naartjie presents African inspired prints mixed with exotic batik on gorgeous maxi dresses, all in one rompers (oooh I love all in one rompers), harem pants and rah rah dresses for girls (I LOVE RAH RAH DRESSES).

Boys will be boys and Naartjie knows this. They can play with abandon in rugged utility wear with wild animals, camo print, hard wearing denim and bright badges…

And for all the proud new mommies out there, your little bundles of joy will steal the limelight kitted out in Naartjie. Look out for the all in one dress and leggings in adorable cherry print for your baby girls and crazy creature prints for baby boys.

Don’t forget the yummy wide-brimmed sun hats! Oh and the swimwear! Oh and the sandals! Oh and the sleepwear too. Make sure you get to your nearest Naartjie store for the “Awesome Twosome” promotion from the 3rd until the 30th November.

It’s definitely double the fun this Summer with Naartjie and to celebrate I’m giving away five gift cards to the value of R200 each. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post…you see, easy peasy!!!!!

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25 thoughts on “Win with Naartjie

  1. I am going to leave a 100 comments on this post. I love their stuff but I haven't had the time to shop for Ewan's summer wadrobe yet and a voucher would make me go. So yes comment 1 of 100. Should I keep going:0
    On a diff note could you enable Name/URL comments on your blog. My blog is a wordpress one but I own the domain so it won't work on your comment section. I stopped using my google account a while ago.

  2. We admire Naarjie from afar :-p

    Jack got given some items and I love them – the one lot he has grown out of but I still keep trying to see if it wont maybe fit :-p

  3. I hadn't been into a Naartjie shop until I had a little girl and wow, was I missing out! I hadn't realized that they had really cool boys stuff too. It's become one of my favourite shopping destinations 🙂

  4. Do you accept bribes? chocolates, wine, smokes? All of the above…
    Naartjie clothes are very special, I am loving the little girl section at the moment! Wonder if any one would notice if I dressed Graeme up as a girl…

  5. Melinda, firstly as I mentioned in my tweet, you write with such raw sincerity. It's inspiring. Emma is too cute, and I love how you say that everyday is a special occasion. Life's too short for keeping our prized glassware and outfits for special occasions! I would love to one day buy girly pink clothes but for now it's Little Boy Blue…Pick me so I can win some for my dear Daniel!

  6. I have a pigeon pair and love, love, LOVE shopping at Naartjie… I've been kitting my two out since they were babies (they are now 8 and 6yrs old). All I can say is – taking my daughter into a Naartjie shop is extremely dangerous (there should be a caution sign on the windows “shopping is extremely addictive AND hereditary!”)

  7. How refreshing to stumble across your blog which is both sincere and funny !
    I can totally relate to your love of Naartjie clothing for your little angel, I also love dressing my princess in all things pretty & hope you pick me so that I can give her a little shopping spree, as all princesses deserve to be spoiled sometimes

  8. You have a beautiful little girl and I am sure once you guys get your little boy, your family will be complete….Naartjie is also part of the family…wouldnt have it any other way 🙂

  9. I'll be doing the draw tomorrow morning but in the meantime I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for taking the time to enter AND leave beautiful messages

    I can't believe that I have made so many 'friends' in such a short time and already can't imagine my life without you

  10. Well done on a great job raising such a gorgeous little girl. Wishing you all the best with having your next one. Im a naartjie fan myself so i know what you mean. There stuff is too adorable and unique.

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