I started my blog as an online journal where I could put down my thoughts, my fears, my confessions and anecdotes about this funny thing we call life.

It’s my way of recording stories for Emma which she can read one day and know that she was loved from the moment I set eyes on her and of course to show her that life is what you make it. It’s also a way for me to share my truth and let her know that we are all victims of circumstances but we have the opportunity to be survivors too…

Through my ‘memoirs’ I hoped to entertain and share experiences from my life that have shaped me into the person I am today. Divulging such personal stories has been hard for me, and even harder for Mark…he still can’t believe I blogged about him giving our dog a hand-job. But in the same breath it has been empowering and liberating. Through my blog I have realized that my deepest darkest secrets are not unique to me. Everyone has a story and everyone is important enough for us to take the time to listen.

For years I didn’t tell a single soul about the abuse I had gone through in case they thought I was a freak, in case they thought it was my fault, in case they judged. The first time I told a friend she looked at me with tears in her eyes and told me she had experienced a similar thing and soon I discovered that for every three people I chatted with, at least one was hiding the same secret, trying to deal with the shame on their own. A secret shared no longer holds any power over you…

My blog is my little indulgence as a frustrated writer and a wannabe comedian but today I got an email that had me smiling while tears streamed down my cheeks. Mark has proudly forwarded my blog onto everyone he knows, asking them to vote for me for the SA Blog Awards 2011, including his work colleagues, friends and family. Today I received this mail from Mark, which he forwarded onto me. The mail was from Mark’s step-dad.

Hi Marcus,

I have just read through Melinda’s web page.I voted for her not just because you guys are family but because it is excellent.It really led me to see things I never thought of, and changed my somewhat stinted/biased views.Thank you for that,and good luck with the web page.And you know what at the end of the day even if you do not win, you guys still have the best prize of them all.EMMA !!



For once I am lost for words…


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