Believe it or not, Emma’s birthday is only in May but I’m already ‘stressing’ about party ideas, where, what, how, why, who, etc…

My favourite party blog is and today I spotted this one. Let me say straight off, there is no way I’d ever put a party like this together. Every single detail has been thought of, it’s absolutely beautiful and it looks like no expense was spared. AT ALL.

Emma has a choice, either a birthday party that will be the envy of all her pals or an education. It’s not going to be both.

But this is so pretty, I couldn’t resist…and for a moment I wished I could click my red shoes together and throw a bash like this, in Kansas or anywhere else…visit more images


4 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz birthday party

  1. It is stunning, but don't you think it's too much. Honestly, where do you go from this? By the time they are 16 they will expect you to fly their friends to Acapulco for a party with Katy Perry.

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