I struggled with a title today, there just so many that could have worked, like:


JY SAL K***** BRAND or



Emma’s been a little off-colour the last few days so she hasn’t been at school. She’s missed her friends and she’s missed been busy. Needless to say cabin fever’s setting in, so this morning, while climbing the walls, she asked if we were going to see Thabani, Luca, Thoko, Future and Precious, in that order, at Serendipity. It was still early, like dawn hadn’t cracked yet early, the birds hadn’t had their first bowel movement early and Twitter was quiet early, so I figured we could get to our favourite place just after it opens, get some sunshine, fresh air and time with Thabani and leave if and when it got too busy.

Well, as always, the best laid plans are always thwarted. We arrived and there were already cars everywhere. With only three tables to choose from I reckoned it was going to be a busy day. Luca was there and Thabani was there, so Emma was in her element. Nothing else mattered. I sat reading my kindle but every now and then my peace was interrupted with screeching, shouting, arguing and tantrums been thrown, by the adults.

With a party on the go and whole lot of new faces, there was nothing serene about Serendipity today. Even though I don’t know the regulars by name, I know their faces and I know their kiddies, and I didn’t see too many around. Those of us who go to the ‘our place’ often know what it’s about – it’s a chance for the kiddies to play in a safe environment with incredible people like Thabani looking after them and keeping them entertained, while mom and / or dad relax, read or just be…that’s the success of Serendipity.

Forgive me for saying this (and I don’t mean to offend anyone, again) but I don’t quite get why at a kiddies venue, which is what Serendipity is, people scream and shout about food taking ‘forever’, or the fact that there’s no one to take their order as they sit down. A table close to me kicked up such a fuss about having to wait ‘hours’ for their breakfast when they’re in a hurry. This very same table was still there three hours later.

There were women blowing steam out of their orifices because when THEY arrived there wasn’t a table for THEM. Surely when you go to a restaurant and you haven’t made a reservation you don’t scream and shout because the place is full. You either wait for a table to leave OR you do.

The poor staff today – they were getting it from all directions today. Not only were they attending to an unusually irate amount of customers, they were also looking after a big party. Poor Thoko didn’t know if she was coming or going…

There were times today that I didn’t feel like I was at Serendipity. It would seem that not only has WalMart  arrived in SA, it’s clientele has too. One particularly fine WalMartian told her daughter (in Afrikaans) to put sun-block on, when the child screamed NO, the mom told her that ‘sy sal k****r brand’.

As much as it was a fairly yuck day, it was awesome to watch Emma and Luca play so nicely together. They really are besties. And even better was seeing Nicki who is about to become a mommy for the second time, on Monday…we can’t wait to meet the newest member of the Dadic family. Hugs and kisses to Nicki, David and Luca as they wait for little M to arrive…

Read Nicki’s blog for a little more on Serendipity today – http://waitingforluca.wordpress.com/2011/10/15/people-are-strange/


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