The last 3 days have had most Blackberry users up in arms. It’s not that they weren’t able to use their mobile device for the purpose intended, i.e make phone calls or heaven forbid, sms, no, they couldn’t BBM, receive emails or in my case, get onto Facebook and Twitter.

I have had a Blackberry phone for seven years now, maybe eight and any time anyone has had something important to tell me it’s been via a phone call. At worst, via sms, if I’m otherwise pre-occupied. Never before have I received a life-changing tweet or @mention. Nor have I ever been poked so urgently that I couldn’t respond a day or two later. As for emails, it was a pleasure not been spammed 24/7 about penis enlargements, banks needing me to verify my details online and notifications that I’ve won the UK lottery or a that distant uncle in Nigeria needs my bank account to deposit the gazillion dollars I’ve just inherited.

If we have to be 100% honest with ourselves, none of us are that important that we need access to mail all day, every day. If we were that important we’d be getting the OLDE FONE CALL OF YORE. I’m throwing this idea out there, and as absurd as it, just bear with me okay. I’m thinking that when Osama was found and killed the relevant people were notified by a phone call. I’m guessing an email wasn’t sent. I also don’t think the prez would have gotten a tweet or a message on his Facebook wall.

Driving home from work on Tuesday evening people were calling into 702 to complain about the RIM crisis. People were angry, frustrated and by the sounds of things, they were ready to rim RIM. The strangest thing was that people were calling from their Blackberrys, complaining that due to this outage they no longer had ‘access’ to people, friends, family. One caller was so frustrated because she had been unable to get ‘online’ all day. When asked whether she relies on her mobile device for work purposes she said “No, but like, I like checking Facebook and like what people are doing.” Really? Really!

People are wanting to toss their Blackberrys in the bin, they’re ready to cancel contracts and purchase iPhones and Nokias. What fickle friends were are…I wouldn’t dump a pal if I wasn’t able to speak to them for three days. I wouldn’t get rid of a companion because they were sick in bed and unable to chat…

The three days without access to emails, notifications of mentions on Twitter and Facebook and BBM’s were almost rehabilitative for me. I found I wasn’t checking my phone every two minutes to see a flashing light. I wasn’t waiting for the ‘ping’ of some arb broadcast message. RIM crashed and life went on…

I ♥ my Blackberry and always will. My Blackberry has stood by my side for the last eight years or so. Like a good friend we have been through a lot together.

I’ve received the most important calls of my life on my BB, whether it’s been to tell me I’ve gotten my dream job or that Emma is actually ours

I had my first phone sex experience on my BB and I think I might have even been dumped via BB once

I have taken the most awesome photos of monumentally important days in my life on my BB and I’ve taken a photo of Mark’s penis, called it Gary the Snail and mmsed it to 10 of our closest friends

I called Mark to tell him that we had lost our baby on my BB and I also called him to let him know that the necessary paper work had been completed and Emma was coming home with me

My mom’s called me to tell me she loves me on my BB

I’ve called my mom to check whether my dad’s op went well, on my BB

I found out my sister in law was pregnant via my BB

Mark sends me an sms every day, on my BB, to let me know how much he loves his family

I have called close friends or family in times of need

The screen’s bright enough to be used as a night-light, so even if I couldn’t do much else with it these last three days, I’ve been able to find Emma in the dark

These are just some of the reasons why I love my Blackberry and always will


2 thoughts on “I ♥ my Blackberry…and always will

  1. Your story is wonderful! It’s true that many people sometimes forget why mobile phones were invented in the first place – to establish communication thru calling and texting. Yes, the advancement of technology can always help in making our lives easier, but we can live on without most of these devices we have today. I think it’s good that you really understand what a phone is for, and that’s to keep connected to people.

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