A few weeks back I attended a tweet-up, and I was super excited. It was an opportunity to meet a lot of the moms I know via twitter and their blogs. I feel like I’ve known them all my life, but that was going to be the first face-to-face get-together (I hope of many)

Emma was over-the-moon-doing-flick-flacks excited. She was going to see Max and Luca (her favourite BFB – best friends that are boys) and get the chance to meet a whole lot of like minded tots and toddlers…

All I can say about the morning is WOW! Huggies Gold treated us like…um, well, gold. From the venue, the River Cafe, to the decor, the gifts, the kiddies tables – Luca took on the responsibility of being the official taster, making sure ALL the cupcakes were safe to eat, the face painter, the food…I can go on and on

If there was a cuteness thermometer it would have exploded. The moms were gorgeous, happy and relaxed. And the babies, let’s just say thank goodness there’s an unspoken law of not being allowed to nibble, bite and gobble up cute kids, cos I’d be in trouble. I have never ever seen so many gorgeous babies in one place at any time.

Huggies Gold, a BIG thank you once again for allowing Emma and I to be a part of such an amazing morning. There’s only one suggestion we would make…WHEN’S THE NEXT ONE????


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