Mark and I have been talking about adopting baby number two, next year when Emma is three or thereabouts. She’s already told us she wants a brother that she’ll call Sister so we know she’s okay with it.

My concern, like any parent, I suppose, is whether we’ll love another tot the same way we love Emma. We’ve also been blessed with a little girl, who from the time she became a part of our family, has been so easy to look after and love. In the greater scheme of things, and as far as babies go, Emma is low-maintenance. If Emma is weepy and moany then we know she’s ill or tired. The rest of the time she is laughing, playing, keeping herself busy or bossing me around.

Even during her stay in hospital she won over the hearts of the staff at Life Fourways. She thanked the doctors when they stuck suppositories in her rear end. She would cock her ears towards the nurse who needed to check them and she would lie quietly while medicine was administered through a drip. Even the lady that mans the desk at the Discovery Lounge fell in love with Emma, buying her a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg teddy bear and the most beautiful get-well soon card.

So what if baby No.2 isn’t as easy. Or as funny. Or as loveable? Surely we can’t hit the jackpot twice? And I’m thinking if God does have a sense of humour then he’s going to make sure I get a version of ‘me’. I was a horrid child. And an even worse teen. I was moody and full of angst. Woe was me and no kid had it as bad as I did. I remember ‘running away’ from home many times. Well, not quite running away. I would get as far as our front gate and sit looking back over my shoulder, hoping my mom would come calling for me any minute. She didn’t. I slammed doors. I screamed and yelled and threw temper tantrums and food…

Emma greets me when I get home from work with such excitement and enthusiasm, as if she hasn’t seen me for weeks. She retells her day with passion and a sparkle in her and then we have some ‘us’ time, with hugs and kisses and tickles and more kisses and Emma declaring her undying love for me, and me for her…

At the moment I feel that this is as good as it gets…

But what if it gets better?


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