And I’m glad that I get to be a part of it every day. Emma surprises us on a daily basis, either with the new words she’s using or a new ‘move’ she’s picked up. No two days are the same with little Miss Sunshine and I’m blessed that I get to be a part of her journey. Since Emma arrived the sun shines a little brighter, the birds chirp a little louder and the sky seems to be more blue. Everything’s more colourful and my headaches more severe xxx

For years now Mark’s nickname has been Verbal Vernon. Mark loves talking. He wants to talk all the time. He wants to discuss feelings and find out how I’m doing. He gives long soliloquies on healthy eating and how I need to stop smoking. He goes into diatribes about reality shows or news items and I sit and listen. If only he realized I’d talk more if he talked less. Enter Emma Ruth Tshegofatso Connor, aka Verbal Valerie. Mark and Emma share a love for their own voices. Needless to say I am like the mute monk in our house, taking an involuntary vow of silence.

Emma’s discovered pronouns, like me, myself, my, I and mine. And she uses them a lot. She’s also taken to asking loads of questions. Like last night when I put her to bed. After the good nights and the hugs and the kisses, she still wasn’t settling. I went to her room, asked her to please sleep (hmmm, right) because I was tired. She looked at me for a short while and then asked “Why you tired mama?” I told her it’s because I never get a full night’s rest any more. “Ah shame”, she says “Give me a hug!”

If I walk into the house with shopping bags she asks “Watchu got?” If I’m eating she asks “Watchu eating?”. The other day I was rubbing my eye and she came to me from across the room and asked “Why you sad mama?”

In Emma’s world everything loves her and everything must be ‘squeeeeeezed’ and kissed, including our rather grumpy hound Binah. Binah is a fair-weathered friend and only likes you when you have food. Emma’s cottoned into this and in an attempt to be able to snuggle and cuddle Binah, she feeds her. And when Binah licks Emma’s lips (because they’re covered in food) she squeals with delight that Binah loves her.

The word ‘cute’ is Emma’s favourite and she uses it often. I showed her the presents I had bought for the parties on the weekend. She exclaimed that they were very ‘ka-uuuuuute’ and that Max was ‘ka-uuuuuute’ and so was Kelly, her soon to be six year old cousin. The ‘cute’ part was expected. Emma clapping her hands together with glee and saying “Good girl mama” wasn’t.


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