Everyone loves birthdays. None more so than kiddies. A good friend of mine’s little girl is turning 10 and to make sure no-one forgets about her special day, she has a countdown cake, which is very sweet.

Parties are a great way to make kiddies feel uber special, but sometimes the actual birth date and party date don’t coincide, leaving parents a little befuddled about what to do on the special day itself. Like Emma for example, her birthday will be on a Thursday next year and we’ll probably have the party on the Saturday, so I’m already thinking of a few things to do around the house for her birthday morning.

Before bedtime we’ll bake some cupcakes for school. Emma can decorate them as she pleases (though I’ll probably have an emergency stash close by)

While she’s fast asleep the night before (wishful thinking I know), Mark and I will blow up hundreds of   balloons  so when she wakes up in the morning she’s surrounded by the things she loves most. Jumping castle would have been great but there’s no way that that would fit in the house

Another fun thing I plan on doing is decorating the door way with streamers, which she’ll have to break through to get to the other side


I found out the other day from Emma’s nursery school teacher that Emma loves her notes she finds in her lunch box every day. I thought I was wasting my time doing it but Teacher Jen told me that Emma asks her to read each and every one, and then giggles away at the little message. So we might do a little treasure hunt for Emma. I think the search will be as much fun as finding the presents…and it’s a good way to make the present-opening last a lot longer

We will also write Emma a very special letter oozing love, affection and adoration for her. I don’t think our children will ever get tired of hearing how much we love them

For her memory box we’ll take a photo of her with her pressies in her pyjamas. This has already become a bit of a family tradition, and it’s one I’d like to keep going

There’ll be a muffin with a candle in and we can do our little happy birthday song which means she’ll get to blow out the candles

It’s all about her on the 10th May, so I might just skip work and allow her to miss school for the day. We’ll visit a toy store and Emma can choose a gift and then off we’ll go – either to the zoo, have a picnic or a fun little lunch

We might pop into a pottery studio, paint a plate for Emma, dad and I and this way we’ll all have our own very special birthday plates – I’m hoping this is a tradition that Emma will one day pass on to her children

I’m thinking once she’s home we can maybe plant a flower or two in her patch of the garden. She can water them, nurture them and watch them grow, as she does

I might even get dad to deliver some pretty flowers with a HUGE balloon just for her – it’s not only us grown up gals that love flowers

Hopefully I’ll have a little book for Emma by then, of her life and how she found us. It’ll have loads of photos as little miss loves pictures. And she’s already started using the word ‘me’ when talking about herself so I think it’ll be age appropriate

Dinner that night will be for close friends – something small but where she’s the centre of attention 

It’s not about the gifts or the money. It’s about creating special memories associated with a special day. Who knows one day, years down the line, Emma will fondly remember me baking cupcakes for her birthday or blowing balloons to decorate her room as she does it for her little ones xxx


2 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hooray! It’s your Birthday

  1. Birthdays are the BEST BEST. Its my favourite day of the year :)One of the things I remember growing up was my mom making our cakes each year – so I am trying to do the same with my kids. (please note the trying there)

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