I would love to find or even make my own range of good-to-the-earth-even-better-for-black-skins sunblock. Poor Emma, the first time we spent time with her at our pool we lathered her up good and solid. She went from white to grey…and looked sickly the whole day

I’m thinking a sunblock that’s either clear or even brown…that at least compliments my noodle and doesn’t leave her looking like a zombie. Ooooh in cute little Lotta packaging. I’d call it Lotta Sun xxx

Apparently Badger Balm is really good but fairly costly and it would seem only available from the States

This is also a really nice product and has received great reviews


One thought on “Sunblock anyone?

  1. Melinda, the thing with sunblock is that the ingredient that makes it actually block out the sun is titanium dioxide, which is essentially a pure white pigment. The higher the titanium dioxide content, the higher the protection (and the price). And the reason that titanium dioxide works is because it is pure, pure white – it's the basic science behind the colour and light reflective spectra. Simply put, white is the most reflective colour in the spectrum and would not be white if it didn't reflect as much light as it does. I'm afraid we're still a loooong way from finding a way to bypass that! Better to live with funny-looking but effective sun protection, I reckon, than using something that looks better but doesn't block out as much UV…

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