Charlie and Lola - Pink Milk Made Healthy

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday as well as Real Food Wednesday. Click here to read more recipes for healthy kids’ food.

My daughter Kate is addicted to the show, “Charlie & Lola”. As Lola would say, it’s her favorite and her best!
On the show, Lola’s “favorite and best” drink is Pink Milk. We know it as Strawberry Nestle Quick.

Charlie and Lola - Pink Milk Made Healthy

As a tribute to Lola, I concocted a healthy version of Pink Milk so Kate can enjoy it while she watches her show. It’s very easy to whip up in the blender, and it’s all natural and very good for you.
1 cup whole raw milk
2-3 TBS raw cream (to make it yummier and more nutritious)
1 pastured egg yolk (you can’t taste it, and it greatly increases the nutrition)
1 handful organic strawberries
Stevia, honey or maple syrup to taste
1 pinch sea salt
1. Blend together milk, cream, egg yolk and strawberries.
2. Add pinch of sea salt and sweeten to taste.
3. Strain if you like (not absolutely necessary but it does make it a bit nicer) and serve in a sippy cup or with a straw.
Photo credits: Tiger Aspect Productions


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