Playing hide and seek with Emma is quite a challenge. She hasn’t yet got her head around the concept of what hiding is, so if she can’t see you (i.e. if her eyes are covered) then she reckons she’s pretty well concealed.

The other night we were with some friends at our favourite Italian restaurant, Luca’s ( ) Emma and I were playing outside while everyone else was enjoying their meal and copious amounts of wine and bubbles. Mark eventually came outside with a cold drink for me (ever so considerate) and Emma asked if he would play hide and seek with her. Mark started counting to ten. Emma went off in search of a hiding place and when Mark turned to start his seeking, there she was right in front him, by a tree. She thought this was the best hiding place ever and there was no way in the world that dad would find her because she had her back to him…

All toddlers love hiding under the blankets and playing a version of peek-a-boo. Again Emma’s convinced that if she can’t see you as she takes refuge under her blankie then there’s no way on earth you could possibly know where she is.

Playing hide and seek in the dark with a black toddler is almost impossible. You can’t see her until she smiles or looks right at you – the whites of her eyes are like neon lights. Normally after bath time, Emma in the nude and me not in the mood, runs from the bathroom into our bedroom shouting ‘catch me, catch me’. Invariably the bedroom light is off and there is no way to find that gorgeous brown body in the dark. Just the other night I walked smack bang into her and only when she roared with laughter and showed her teeth did I realize it was her…


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