Mark and I have agreed that when Emma is three or thereabouts we will adopt a sibling. We asked Emma the other night whether she would like a new brother or sister. She quickly answered that she would like a brother. I then asked her what would we call him. This took a moment of pondering, finger to lip in deep thought and then she piped up with “Sister!”. So Emma has decided she wants a brother. Mark is thrilled with this. Me not so much. I mean have you seen the boring range of boys clothing? There’s shorts, more shirts and long pants. There’s t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and collared shirts. With no disrespect to moms with boys but I really would prefer a little girl.

Have you seen the clothes for little girls? Especially new borns? OMG!!! I could easily spend a month’s salary on what’s out there. Of course, Mark being a man, has informed me that we cannot and will not base the sex of our next baby on what’s available fashion-wise.

And of course as Emma gets older the question becomes where oh where does one find clothes for little girls. If my dress sense is anything to go by Emma will never be in frocks and frumpy outfits. I’m a little vintage-grunge with some bohemian to boot. I have my own dress sense which some people like and some don’t. Emma is like a little mini-me and I hope she keeps her slightly eccentric dress sense as she gets older.

Between you and me I’m a bit of a snob. I don’t want Emma in mass produced clothes, so leggings, jarmies and essentials are bought at Woolies, Mr Price and at a push Ackermans. Most of her clothes are from Naartjie and Earthchild. Partly because I like some of the things available and also because I can’t afford (and even if I could I wouldn’t) the high-end labels. So where does a fashionable mommy shop? I’ve suggested to the gorgeous sales ladies at Urban Wear that they should create a kiddies range. And I’ve even thought of designing my own…but today I was looking at some websites and spotted such pretty things – however the search for Emma’s brother called Sister clothes continue…


2 thoughts on “A brother called Sister

  1. Gosh I agree – boys clothing is just boring. But to be honest, I have settled for Woollies mostly – my daughter is skinny and very tall and no other brand fits as well as Woollies. So broing, and mass produced, at least it fits.

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