This is not for the squeamish or trypophobics – you have been warned

When starting this blog I mentioned that it would be about this and that…so far I’ve covered this, now I’m chatting about that – that awkward moment when you wish you could fall into a large hole (no, trypophobics this is not the hole you need to look away from just yet)

Since this gynae-incident I never go to the same one twice – it’s like seeing a one-night stand in the harsh reality of broad daylight and I’m nervous that my experience has become somewhat of an urban legend amongst this particular fraternity.

Back to that awkward moment…it was my very first appointment with one of these docs and I had no idea what to expect. Overhearing my mom’s friends vagina dialogues I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. They joked about how an old gynae’s hand shakes making the ‘service’ worthwhile, etc.

I walked in and low and behold he was old. With a little giggle to myself I remembered the shaking hands joke and sat down to go through the Q&A session. After that he asked me to go to the examination area, cover myself with the sheet, raise my knees and keep them apart. He would be in shortly.

Always trying to do things the proper way I took off my clothes, lay on the bed, put the sheet over my chest (didn’t want him to see my chest area), lifted my legs and then dropped them apart. Just as I realized that I might have been a little too enthusiastic with the lifting of legs he walked in. I apologized immensely in case he was trypophobic and he responded with a wry smile and remarked “I see you’ve had your tonsils removed.”


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