The Lighthouse Baby Shelter is run by Eleanor, a devout born again Christian. The babies and toddlers are raised knowing Jesus loves them and that they are all very special. This seems an odd way to open a post, but it goes a long way putting things into perspective.

I have always believed in something bigger than me. When I’m behaving myself I believe in a heaven. When i fall off the road less travelled i pray that there’s no hell. But this particular day I became a believer and that’s when things changed.

It was a Saturday, in 2009. It was Nelson Mandela’s 67 minutes of kindness and I was off to visit Emma at the shelter. Been on a main road and close to Northgate, there are always people popping in to drop off food, nappies, formula, toys or just spend some time. And this day was no different, except that there would be a whole lot of people doing their 67 minutes. I was sitting in the lounge with Emma on my lap while the other kiddies and babies were outside enjoying the sun.

While I sat chatting to her the room filled with a fog, like condensation. Like when the washing machine is running and the windows are closed. I walked into the kitchen to see if something was burning or if any of the appliances were running. Nothing. No one was around to ask. I went back and sat with Emma on the couch. As soon as Eleanor walked into the room I immediately asked what the fog was and her response “God’s visiting today”. She then explained that this mist fills the room when they’re expecting a lot of people through the doors or a baby’s ill. Almost like God’s laying a protective blanket over his special ones, keeping them safe.

I went home that day and explained the mist to Mark. As a reborn Christian he found it difficult to understand, and looked at me like I was slightly insane. He immediately called his best buddy and asked him what form can the Holy Spirit take. Clint’s first answer was…a mist!

I’ve only ever seen that mist one other time. The day Mark and I went for our final meeting with Eleanor and Wanita to let them know that as a couple we had decided that Emma would join our somewhat insane family – as we walked into her room, where she lay sleeping in her cot, that very same mist was above her bed…the Lord was keeping her safe until she was safe with us


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