There are a few things no-one tells you when adopting a black baby as a white couple.

*Do not put anything with velcro any where near aforementioned baby’s hair. It WILL stick

*If you adopt a girl, pierce her ears as soon as possible. With Emma dressed in pink
from top to tail I still get asked “how old is he?”

*Change your foundation colour as soon as possible. She will be left with patches of
Maybelline’s Golden Ivory all over her face

*When walking with the nanny or the gardener people will immediately assume she’s theirs

*Do not let aforementioned gardener go with baby and husband to a restaurant. Yes,
people assume that the bi-racial gay couple have adopted the little boy who is dressed in pink
from head to toe with velcro balls stuck to ‘his’ head


4 thoughts on “Adopting Black Babies #101

  1. Classic!!!! As a mother of a black baby boy – the velcro analogy rings so true! I am forever removing bits and pieces of fluff and lint from his fuzzy little head……Cant imagine having to deal with longer, little girl hair!

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